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    This 'feature' is not supported and is buggy. Using it may break not only your computer but also the entire internet.

    Play around with it, and versions using your own username to see how the folder structure works, and you'll be able to find what you want.

  • @mallymal to change the screen name, go to setting, click on pencil icon next to your current screen name, but it can be allowed once a year

  • I was looking for the suggestions thread, but I can’t seem to find it. Any chance someone could link me to it? 😅🙏

    Please and thank you! ❤️

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    @EarthlyAngel003 I've bumped it so you should find it on the first page of the General board now.

    The search function here isn't amazing. It's often easier to use google like this:

    the search terms you are looking for

  • @CuddleDuncan Oh, good tips! Thanks again!

  • How do I put a vacation hold on my account? Just found out I have to be out of town for a week

  • I had an inquiry about an online session im new here has anyone ever heard of that? or has experience being asked
    I'm a bit stumped since I thought cuddling was only done in person?

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    @orangejuliusman there is a sticky topic about virtual cuddling on the Professional Cuddling board.

    @peggs go to your profile and click Settings, then scroll down and look at the 'Take a break' options.

  • How do I search someone specific?

  • @AngelicTouch try using

    (no "@")

    If you have visited them recently, their profile will still be on your You Visited page.

  • How do I delete my account?

  • @meganliz go to your Profile, then Settings. It's in there.

  • I'm currently thinking about becoming a pro but sometimes there is a monthly fee mentioned in this forum that I do not immediately see when clicking on "become a professional". I have no idea if there is an interest in Pros in my area as there is few members in total so a monthly fee would maybe eat up all profit and I should just stay an enthusiast. How is this handled currently apart from the 15% that go to CC?

  • @Anna the monthly fee applies only to men professionals: they do not pay the 15% commission.

    I suggest you have a look at the sticky topics at the top of the Professional Cuddling board. They may help you decide.

  • @CuddleDuncan Thanks for clearing that up. There was so much on the board I got unsure if it was a policy change or if I missed something. I'll continue reading the post on the Professional Cuddling board, thanks :)

  • Need some help from the pros. How do you professionally handle cigarette smoking? I personally don't smoke and don't cate for that smell in my personal space. Is it acceptable to refuse a session as a host if someone is a smoker? I don't want that smell in my home or permeating into my mattress, comforter, pillows, etc. Any advice is always appreciated.

  • @All_the_snuggs If I were to book a pro, I would be disapointed if her cuddle area smelled of cigarettes.

  • @1_teddybear Thank you for your perspective as a client. That is helpful and I am in agreement. A comfortable space includes a pleasant smelling environment just as much as a pleasant smelling host.

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    How do the clients pay pros? Do we ask for payment before meeting? Can we use the square payment option so client can swipe their card? Cash app or Zelle?

  • @misszee4cuddles some pros request a deposit, I do not (usually) I prefer cash and accept payment day of, right before the cuddle starts, but I have taken Cashapp also. There's plenty to read up on about being a pro, and being fairly new I may not be the best to guide you, but I've learned a lot since November!! I checked out your profile and the #1 suggestion I would make is to remove your number right away. It is against TOS to have contact with anyone off of this site until you have a session scheduled with them. Wish you luck on your cuddling journey 😊

  • Hi, is there a way to prevent professionals from contacting you. There is a filter to hide pros when searching and I don't want to waste their time or my time when I try to politely explain that I am not interested.
    If you intend to make a mobile client program for this site please consider releasing it under a free software license.
    I personally recommend the GNU General Public License since it is a copyleft license and can guarantee that each user will get the freedom that comes with the program, but there are other free licenses which may suit your own needs or values, like the 2-clause BSD license or the Apache license, among others.

  • @hikikomorichan I would put it on your profile that you aren’t interested in pros. If someone looks at my profile, usually I send a hello message but I look at their profile first. If their profile says they don’t want to talk to pros or associate with them, I move on and make no communication.

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