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    Yes, the moderation team and admins have access, though your messages are typically inaccessible to us unless someone has been reported. So let’s say someone you communicated with broke the rules and was reported by another member. We would be able to see their conversation history, including any conversation they had with you. Though in your case, we would only be able to see that one conversation from their side. All of your other conversations would be inaccessible to us unless you yourself are reported. Once a report has been resolved, that access usually ends and all conversations return to being inaccessible.

  • @myne2 yes, the site is able to read messages between members. Unfortunately this is necessary so that bad actors can be dealt with.

    Moderators do not have access to messages until a Report has been made.

    Always keep all conversation on the site until at least the day before meeting, and preferably longer.

  • Why are cuddlers not showing up in my searches? I have people I've cuddled with in the past or spoken to in the past and when I do a search for cuddlers in my area they don't show up at all. But I can click on their profile through our conversations 🤔

  • @look4connection they have gone to Settings and clicked "mute".

  • Ok, this seems like the place to get answers...

    Why isn't my profile picture showing up next to my comments here in the forums??

  • @JJoyfuldancer it's a known issue but I can't remember if there is a fix. You may be able to find something if you search the forums. Try both the forum search function and also google using

    in the search terms.

    The site coders do have a list of jobs to do, but this isn't hugely important and it doesn't have site security implications so it might be a while before it floats to the top.

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    Silly question, but... How do I get my profile picture to show up in the forums?

    I figured it would default to my main picture on my profile, but I just see the standard Cuddle Comfort logo for people without profile pictures. Do I need to earn my pic by being more active in the forums? It's not that important but it's driving me bananas, lol. I've searched everywhere (or so it seems). Checked every setting, scrolled through many pages of FAQ thread... 😅

    Edit: I JUST saw someone asked the same thing yesterday. I SWEAR it wasn't there before. 🥴 I swear it!

  • @PixiePassions Mind sharing how you got it to show up?

  • I wonder if mine shows up?

  • It appears to!

  • How do you modify a booking to change date, time or number of hours?

  • @trialbyfire there is an option to modify/change when you request a booking

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    My propic showed up today! Yay. It seems to take about six weeks, oddly. I noticed in another topic that someone worked on the bug just yesterday. Thanks!

  • So where do I look to fine people that r looking for cuddlers?

  • @ParkerM32 click the button 'Cuddlers' and adjust your search filters.

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