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  • One thing I wonder about is : how many profile pictures are fake ?
    I think it is called catfishing . Possibly , a male person posing as a female .
    Using a picture of a person who might be rated as highly attractive .
    Could be the person doesn't know her photo is being used .
    A person giving out a picture , they might not be giving out their real image .

  • @JustJosie The site does not take a percentage of the cancelation fee which is supposed to be half of what the total booking was supposed to be. The client can pay it to you via Venmo, Zelle or so other electronic means. That said, don't hold your breath receiving it. I've only received 2 in the almost 6 years I've been doing this.

  • Hi I'm a new professional and I have multiple requests for clients that require me to travel. Is it okay to charge a travel fee in advance to ensure that I am not completely out of pocket if I travel and then am canceled on last minute? Do all booking transactions have to based in cash exchange before the session or is it okay to use mediums such as Cashapp or Chime?

  • Yes, ok to charge a travel fee, advance or not up to you. Yes, can collect through a medium of your choosing. These points are both in the contract.

    Granted I can only see the male one but I wouldn't think that'd be different.

  • Whatever you do, be up front about all costs and conditions. I had one pro who needed me to pick her up (she couldn't host), which was fine, but she also started the time from the moment I picked her up which was 45 minutes from my place (and didn't state this until the session was almost done). To her benefit, she was a great cuddler though.

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