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  • One thing I wonder about is : how many profile pictures are fake ?
    I think it is called catfishing . Possibly , a male person posing as a female .
    Using a picture of a person who might be rated as highly attractive .
    Could be the person doesn't know her photo is being used .
    A person giving out a picture , they might not be giving out their real image .

  • @JustJosie The site does not take a percentage of the cancelation fee which is supposed to be half of what the total booking was supposed to be. The client can pay it to you via Venmo, Zelle or so other electronic means. That said, don't hold your breath receiving it. I've only received 2 in the almost 6 years I've been doing this.

  • Hi I'm a new professional and I have multiple requests for clients that require me to travel. Is it okay to charge a travel fee in advance to ensure that I am not completely out of pocket if I travel and then am canceled on last minute? Do all booking transactions have to based in cash exchange before the session or is it okay to use mediums such as Cashapp or Chime?

  • Yes, ok to charge a travel fee, advance or not up to you. Yes, can collect through a medium of your choosing. These points are both in the contract.

    Granted I can only see the male one but I wouldn't think that'd be different.

  • Whatever you do, be up front about all costs and conditions. I had one pro who needed me to pick her up (she couldn't host), which was fine, but she also started the time from the moment I picked her up which was 45 minutes from my place (and didn't state this until the session was almost done). To her benefit, she was a great cuddler though.

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    Not sure if this is a questions space...but Is there any penalty for blocking (for others)? I'm guessing it has no effect on their profile's status?

  • @ForestTree110 No, no penalty for blocking others. :)

  • Have a question....

    What is the difference / reasoning by the moderators (I am guessing that's who decides) in a thread being locked or just disappearing? I think locking a thread is better than it just vanishing because as most peeps have felt and stated over the years that posting on the forums is essentially like Karma.

    (A tip of the hat to @JoyfulHeart who I think was one of the originators of that thought)

    But if threads just vanish / or can't be seen by us, it feels like the profiles that got the thread in that situation got away with something and by nature their presence and behavior on the forum gets excused ..... just a thought🤔

  • @OhioMike - No thread is ever deleted. They get moved to another forum only accessible by the mods.

  • @Mike403 that's my point.... they are no longer accessible to us the community and that forum posting or karma if you will is never seen again.

  • @OhioMike In the time that I've been a moderator, my observation has been that we weight potential benefit against potential harm to the community. If a troll starts a thread that gets them banned and the thread content is inappropriate in some way it will get moved, especially if the community in general hasn't added value to the thread.

    In cases where a longer thread has gone off the rails but has content that is valuable to the community, there's more likelihood of leaving it in place, locking it, and perhaps editing the most problematic comments.

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    @JoyfulHeart thank you for the reply.
    That all makes sense of course. I was thinking of ones that are not troll related or even banned but just those profiles/posts where they get themselves in a situation and the thread just goes poof ! Sometimes it seems peeps get bailed out of a situation sometimes, where really I think they should explain their post and maybe just maybe …I’ve been here too long ! 😵‍💫

    Appreciate all that the mods do here . It seems a thankless job , but you have our thanks 🙏

  • How are you doing?

    I think that’s asked frequently.

  • [Deleted User]claaah9 (deleted user)

    While yes or no whats that mean

    Thank you

  • I just had someone book a session and get banned will I get paid for the session? I had it set up for virtual cuddle

  • @cuddle2cuddle1 If it has only been booked, and no session occurred, you would need to cancel the session.
    If you had already exchanged numbers, you could reach out and see if they still wanted to have the session, but who knows what they were banned for.
    In any case, the payment comes directly from the client. If the session is not canceled in the system, the fee will still come out.
    I personally haven’t had that happen, so I don’t know how the session looks currently, is it still set up but shows it’s with a banned person?

  • Yes the session was done and the account got banned. It says at the top we hope you enjoyed your session. I tried to contact the company awaiting response as this is new to me as well.

  • @cuddle2cuddle1 I always collect payment before any session begins. That’s our responsibility to do so. Lesson learned the hard way, it sounds like.

  • How much do you charge for travel fees?? Let me know!! Thanks 🥰

  • @StressRemedy So far I haven’t traveled, but I’ve seen people charge for gas (the least fee I’ve seen), all the way up to hundred of dollars. You may want to go to the pros only page and ask the same question. I think gas and time is fair.

  • @CuddleHugs01234 thank you for the advice!! 😊😌

  • @StressRemedy You are welcome! :)

  • Hey, I just clicked on a cuddler who I have been in contact with before and a 'cuddling rules' pop up appeared. Does this mean I have done something wrong and admins are reminding me of the rules? If so how do I find out what I have done wrong as as far as I am aware I have behaved perfectly.

  • @cuddlyDavid Nothing to fear; everyone gets this pop up once every 30 days, I believe. It's just the site's way of reminding us all to stay platonic. Very sweet that you checked up on this! 😊

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

    🦄 Enthusiast 🏞 Travel Fiend 🐘 Animal Lover

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  • @SunsetSnuggles thank you! Its something that facebook groups do if you do something a bit naughty but not naughty enough for a ban. I thought it may be the same. My Brit humour often gets me in trouble on American facebook pages :) Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

  • @Ihavenoidea2
    Pros determines their own rates for a session and additional travel fees. If they choose to charge for her/his time spent traveling and cost of gas, that’s their prerogative. They usually just combine the amount, based on mileage, for the travel charge. It’s important that all charges are worked out in advance of the session so that you can decide if it fits your budget.
    A client should only owe the amount agreed-upon before the session, before the Pro leaves to travel to you. Free enterprise, free choice..

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  • Can a repeat Cuddler give a second karma to the same Pro?

  • @carrieanne There can only be one at a time. They could copy down what they have already written, and then delete it, post the first one with a date, then post the second one with another date, but all on the same review.
    Or they can just delete the first one and give a new one.

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