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  • @stormydaycuddle @CuddleDuncan thank you so much for the guidance!
    yes i think since there’s no easy way to access the info about where hq is, i assumed it was US-based. well, you live and you learn! i’ve since changed my payment to a card that does NOT charge foreign transaction fees haha

  • @snugglebug99 anytime I can make a less than educated guess let me know. Hugs.

  • Hi 🙂
    New Pro here. How does the payment process work? I know on another site, they take their fee upfront and you get paid the rest in cash at the time of the session. I’m seeing here that you take the fee 2 days after? And the Pro gets the money in cash or does it charge the client’s card and go to the card that’s linked or? Because since you have to link a card, I assumed the client will get charged once the session is over. I didn’t see much information about how the payment process works so I wanna make sure I understand it correctly as I have a few upcoming sessions.

    Also, why the difference in payment structure for men and women. I wasn’t to click on anything in the FAQs to read the thread.

  • @PreddiCuddler94 you are responsible for collecting the payment from the client. The commonest way is cash at the start of the session but it's up to you.

    Men professionals have a different fee structure because most men professionals attract few if any clients.

    Have a look at the sticky topics at the topnof the Professional Cuddling board. Start with the first post in each case. Good luck!

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  • @CuddleHugs01234 geshhhh I’m super late seeing this but thanks for informing me I’ll be on the look out . Happy new year and happy cuddles 🥰

  • @caramel226 No worries. Happy new year!!!

  • I see so many cuddlers getting banned. I'm new to this site but is there a notion of warning someone for a mistake vs. a permanent ban? Perhaps some people make mistakes and can learn and be good future cuddlers. Maybe you already do this but I see a lot of people getting banned which will really effect the overall supply. Just wondering.

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    @CuddleCare999 yes, there are a number of sanctions available to the moderators including warnings and suspenstions. Banning is a last resort in general, and follows an investigation which can be very thorough. However, people who are here for the wrong reasons are banned immediately.

    People who are banned have one chance to appeal. Those appeals, if made seriously, are taken seriously.

  • Serious appeals to bans are considered seriously but most banned people do not get to come back.

  • A lot of people are banned because they are not here for platonic reasons, unfortunately.

  • People who start their appeal with "eff you." don't get to come back.

  • When I enter my card number to start do I get charged $ b4 I make $?

  • @embrace_place no, your card will only be charged when a booking happens.

  • What does it mean when an acct status shows "temporarily paused"?

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    3rd post in this thread:

  • I signed up with the wrong gender. Do I have to delete account to change it?

  • Thank you to so many of you who responded to my inquiry. I see that a lot of thought goes into the actions which is appreciated. I look forward to meeting some nice people along the way.

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    @rajcuddle - usually a pro suspended for failing to charge their credit card a booking fee. Or suspended for pro upgrade, or identity check. These all require action on the part of the user, and their account will be restored when everything is taken care of.

    @MangoSweet - edit profile, near the top is "I am a ...", open that box and select the appropriate item(s).

    @embrace_place - your card is not charged until 24-48 hours after the time that the booking was for. If a client was a no-show, you can report them for that, and also cancel the session to not be charged. Note that the cancellation reason is visible to both parties.

  • When a client cancels within 12 hours of the reservation, for example two hours before, how does the partial payment work? Usually they pay cash at the start of a session so how do both me and the site receive the compensation ?

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    Hope this is posted in right section
    Q: I have so many professional cuddlers offering virtual cuddles to me for not insignificant money . Call me Naive and apologies if I offend anyone, but isn't the whole idea of cuddling to have physical touch that one feels both physically and emotionally? Why are so many women selling virtual cuddles and what type of Men are partaking in a virtual cuddle as I just don't understand this concept? Is there a danger that there are lots of lonely men out there who are perhaps shy and may be taken advantage of by some people selling virtual cuddles to them? Once again, sorry if I'm offending any of you and you will educate me if I got this wrong.

  • @CuddleCare999 I’m an enthusiast, but I’ve spoken to a few people that are too far in distance for a cuddle from me. Sometimes people need someone to talk to. I’ve not done any virtual cuddling though, as of yet. They were just normal conversations that both of us wanted to have.

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    Thank you for responding CuddleHugs01234 and you are doing a lot of good and I see your postings here as well. I may be presumptuous but there is a real danger of Men being victimized as people may have anxiety or loneliness and be coerced into paying lot of money to talk to someone and getting hooked in the name of virtual cuddling. I'm not warm to this. I have no issues with 2 enthusiasts talking to each other without money but see lot of risks in paid conversations as these are not counselors nor therapists. Just my 2 cents. Call me old fashioned but I don't think that is cuddling even if we call it that on this site.

  • @CuddleCare999 There is a thing of actual virtual cuddling. I feel there was a video posted on here somewhere and the lady who was in the video was called Cuddle Queen. It was a good YouTube video which showed a session of virtual cuddling. (I took notes and may try it sometime.) There is also a thread on here about it, or more than one. A virtual cuddle can be beneficial, I’ve read. I would look for those threads. No, it’s not an actual cuddle in the physical sense of it, but can be beneficial. :)

  • I will need to go search this video now and will let you know. I'm a native New Yorker and we are skeptical by nature but nicer than what most people give us credit. I'm still not sold on this virtual thing but may be tempted along the way...No, I doubt it... LOL

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    I have a question . I would like to know how some users , who have created an account maybe in the previous four or five days , quickly get positive karma from another user ? How do they meet them so quickly ? offline , in person . Do they have tricks ? A way with words ? Maybe they are just so great , funny , interesting and intelligent or whatever that others cannot turn them down ?

    Also , I think I did make this comment in another thread , I'm not sure. So what about a person who gets turned down by all others ? Does it happen ? Maybe they send messages but poorly select / choose their words and so come across creepy/weird ? But not intentionally .
    Perhaps there are ways to make people interested , who are not currently interested ?

  • @SugarBiscuits If they hire a pro quickly, or meet an enthusiast quickly, they could get good karma quickly. There is a thread on how to message for the best results. For some it takes a while to get a cuddle, others not. (There’s a thread on that too.) Hiring a pro is usually faster. Enthusiasts usually want to chat a bit first. Pros usually want to schedule. There are exceptions though.

  • @SugarBiscuits one of the fastest ways to get karma is to book 'virtual cuddle' sessions.

  • [Deleted User]trey_burke_ (deleted user)

    Why can’t I find a way to be a professional cuddler

  • Reasons that some people get turned down, based on experience and observation: Being extremely overweight (kindly don't be upset by this, I am describing myself), having a lot of fringe interests (mainstream interests tend to garner more interest I think), having an intimidating profile (which can be different things to different people). Personally I tend not to respond to people that don't list their job or at least say they are studying full-time.

    This has been said in many other threads, but posting a minimum of one pic is very helpful in garnering more consideration.

    Being mysterious is not conducive to getting cuddle partners.
    I hope this helps :)

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