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  • @poetreepaige read the sticky topics at the top of the Professional Cuddling board. Start with the first post in each case.

  • Is there a space, need, and/or want for male professional cuddlers? If so how would someone get in to it?

  • @Yovan - I recommend against it unless you're willing to cuddle all genders. Even then, you still may have trouble as a male pro.

  • @Yovan Yes, yes, no and read the stickies at the top of the Professional Cuddling board.

    As @Mike403 suggests, it's not worth it unless you are going to put a lot of effort into it. The underlying need is there, but explicit demand is not.

  • @Yovan To me, doesn’t hurt to try, if you want to do it. So it doesn’t work out, no big deal. Don’t quit your day job, try as side job.

    When I originally considered this, I was going to go with a pro first. Then I did signup, and saw how many choices there were, and so I just went with enthusiast, but I was considering a pro seriously in the beginning.

    I would suggest reading lots of pro profiles, female and male, not copying them, but get an idea of what would be good to put.

    Best of cuddling to you. :)

  • I’m nervous about someone trying to initiate sexual contact when I meet someone. I haven’t met anyone yet, but I worry the day that it may happen. I know people like that exist somewhere. I have trauma in that regard. What’s your best advice if such things happen? If someone makes you feel uncomfortable

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    @CuddlesWithCat - Take payment before the session begins and if a client starts to get sexual, get up and leave. Do not give any warnings. They know what they're doing.

    Also, report them so they can be removed from the site and not try it with anyone else.

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    @CuddlesWithCat A lot of pros put on their page explaining nothing sexual. You could check some out and see examples. (Even though this site says that it’s supposed to be platonic, over explaining won’t hurt.)

    And, listen to your gut on seeing people. I’m an enthusiast, but I can tell by some of their language they are wanting more.

    I’ve listed my boundaries out and my ID check out, and I always ask if they read that and agree to it.

  • @CuddlesWithCat you can also check out the Pros Only forum as there's a few threads about safety practices. I carry non-lethal personal protection devices (taser, pepper spray, alarm) in accordance with the local laws. I've never had to use them in all my years of driving Lyft/Uber or in cuddling, but just having them available helps me feel more confident.

    Also, as a survivor if you haven't already worked on your boundary skills in therapy and/or group settings, I HIGHLY recommend that. While therapy helped me a lot, getting real world practice setting, communicating, and enforcing boundaries in group cuddle parties did so much for my healing.

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    @CuddlesWithCat I would also recommend, if someone hasn't already done it, to make sure your cuddle partner knows that someone knows where you are and with whom. You can even check in with that person on a regular basis, if need be. I like to think that makes it less likely a boundary pusher will try to stop you if you have to leave.

  • If I block someone, can they still view my profile?

  • How can I stop a specific person from viewing my profile?

  • Where do I add my rate so my clients can see and book ?

  • If we've reported inappropriate behavior (happened through onsite chat) do we get any kind of follow up? I filed a report on someone days ago for asking for a red flag phrase and no one followed up with me. Considering the person has been a member since 2019, I don't believe for a second that they misspoke themselves or didn't understand that what they were saying was inappropriate.

  • @NerdySnuggles - No unless they need additional information from you. The person you reported may either be warned or banned but they won't get back to you on what action was taken.

  • @Mike403 thank you for that information.

  • @Mike403 @NerdySnuggles
    I have been sending responses to people that report when those reports result in a warning (though I don’t think I handled your report @NerdySnuggles )

    I see a common complaint is feeling like reports go nowhere, which is understandable since a ban is the only action taken that is visible to anyone. So I like following up so the reporter knows someone saw it and didn’t dismiss it.

  • @Charlie_Bear - I think it's a good idea that whoever handles the report should send a message to whoever sent it saying they received it. You or they don't need to disclose what action was done. Just let them know that the report didn't just go into a black hole. :)

  • @Charlie_Bear Thanks for being proactive. I'm overly -communicative and I think it gives me higher expectations of of others communication.

    As @Mike403 stated it doesn't even need to be about what action was taken just that our complaints are received and assurance that someone is looking into it. That little bit of follow up means a lot to some people and it's definitely appreciated.

  • If I’m not skinny or look like a model will it be harder to get bookings? What makes people more successful?

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  • @CuddlesWithCat

    As one who engages the services of pro cuddlers, I don't find looks to be the most important thing. The best cuddlers to me are the ones who are present, confident, and engaged. Different people prefer different energies, but I enjoy cuddling with people who have a sense of humor, but are also able to have deeper conversations.

    In my opinion, if you show up as your authentic self, you'll do great. 🙂

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    @CuddlesWithCat there are clients who actively prefer to cuddle with larger people. And plenty of others who are smart enough to care more about the warmth of your heart than that your wideth of your waist.

    As far as I can tell, in no particular order the key drivers of professional selection by clients are:

    log-in frequency
    specific technical factors (cat allergies, 420-friendly, etc)

    age (younger professionals receive more enquiries)
    client's unconscious response to photos
    quality of sales copy/profile

    You may find these threads helpful:

  • Question: is a deactivation voluntary or not? If not than how is it different than a ban? Why would a pro be deactivated and what would get them reactivated? Just curious. Thanks in advance

  • @Sooson Only the ban is permanent. I think a user can unpause or reactivate their account anytime.

  • @Sooson - Timeouts are temporary suspensions, bans are permanent(unless they successfully appeal), and the user can deactivate their account if they want to take a break. They can reactivate themselves at any time.

  • It's kinda like being a Borg.

  • Does cuddle cimfort havecaccesscto messages between cuddlers andvckients

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