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  • @Gabriel2k: That means the user has some pictures that aren't public. If you're on their friends list, you should be able to see all the private, "locked" photos (each one will still have the privacy mark on it, though).

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  • I believe it means they have hidden pictures.

  • Does someone have to request the private pictures or do they just show up to them when you friend them?

  • They just show up when you friend them

  • How can I search a cuddler by the cuddling name on this site

  • @sameer20 - if you go to the home page and after the URL for that page type /nameofcuddler it should come up.

  • I notice the site asks about 420 and social drinking. Are there any rules about what a client or professional cuddled is allowed to engage in during cuddle sessions or is it at both parties discretion? Are there any activity restrictions at all?

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    @jessschue There's the technicality that cuddle sessions should not include illegal activities. So, in some states, technically, you'd have to avoid 420. I've had conversations around this. I've been told that if/when a client shows up in a less-than-clear state of mind, that they get a sub-optimal experience, with that client.
    That said, it's ultimately between the two of you. If this is something you are considering, I would definitely figure out what your boundaries are around the topic and be sure to discuss and agree beforehand, on what the boundaries are.

  • Here's a useful guide for tricky questions like this:

    If you don't want it to be the lead item on CNN, don't do it.

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    Im sorry, @CuddleDuncan , are you implying that I should avoid being a part of a crime story on CNN? As in, if I don't want to be harmed or worse, don't do it? This really doesn't pertain to my question as I wasn't suggesting getting intoxicated or being irresponsible I just wanted to know official rules. I also don't get calling that a guide, if it was meant to be a joke its quite offensive really and not helpful or funny.

  • Thanks @Gallowglass I agree that it would take away from the experience in most cases. There were certain rules against it when I worked in a chiropractor/massage office so I wondered if the site had any specific guidelines I could reference. Thanks again for your input!

  • @Jesschue, no, no, not at all. It's just a tip for life. The point is that if you are not sure about doing something, how would you feel if was known publically that you had done it? And what would the practical implications be? If you feel fine, then do it. If you don't feel fine about it, or there may be some unpleasant consequences, then don't do it.

    It doesn't tell you anything firm about anything, but it can sometimes be a useful way of thinking about things. You can replace CNN with something more pertinant to the particular situation.

    The official rules for cuddles originating on this site are given under Terms and Conditions in the link at the bottom of the homepage, usually referred to here as the TOS (Terms of Service). They are not exhaustively detailed, and are best taken more in the spirit than the letter. Cuddling is still a relatively new activity, and new situations occasionally still arise. Broadly speaking, as long as everybody is clothed, not doing anything sexual, and not breaking the law, you can do whatever you both are happy to do. (Consent is king!)

    Many professionals require clients to be sober in every sense for a session. Others are happy to accommodate 420 or modest quantities of alcohol. As well as pure cuddling, other relaxing, intimate activities are common. Ordinary examples include watching films together, breathing exercises, making music, talking about very personal and serious matters, and cooking. Some of these are only really appropriate for longer sessions, obviously.

    Some professionals offer companionship as a service in addition to cuddling. The site has confirmed that it is comfortable with professionals doing that, providing that cuddling remains their focus and the compansionship is a sideline. In a companionship setting, by definition, you can do anything that you might do with a friend.

  • This site is international. Laws regarding recreational drugs vary by location. It is up to cuddlers to abide by local laws.

    Regarding any recreational drugs or alcohol: take responsibility for yourself. Do not put yourself into a condition which may cloud your judgement. If you are sober and the other person is not, please realize they may not be in a condition to give informed consent.

    @CuddleDuncan gave a very good synopsis.

  • I hope this hasn’t been asked before.
    I’m trying to get more involved with the forums and I see people tagging me, but that’s only because I’m going back to the thread and reading the whole thing. Is there no notification when someone tags you?
    BTW I am using this site like an app on my phone (in case that makes a difference)
    Thank you in advance!

  • If you click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the page, a sub menu will pop up. Click on "settings", and the notifications settings are on that page.

  • @JoyfulHeart Thank you! I had it all on “pop up” but I guess how I use the site there’s nothing to pop up 😂 but at least I can set it to email! 😁

  • @ModestEnvy is there a "push notifications" option available for you? I've been using that recently, and it works well.

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    @JoyfulHeart This is all I see.

  • This may have come up before, but is there a protocol with communicating with someone on here?

    I read someone's profile that they just moved home, so by way of starting conversation I messaged saying that I hope the move went well, and just wanted to say hello.

    ...they blocked me.

    What have I done wrong?

  • @shammahug Yikes, you did nothing wrong, so sorry that happened to you. Check out this thread:

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

  • What is the difference between deleted and deactivated accounts?

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

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    @SunsetSnuggles Deleting is permanent, but a deactivated account can be activated again - so the person may come back one day.

  • @respectful328 Hm, okay, I wasn't sure if one was done by the user and the other by the mods, perhaps. Thank you!

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

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    @shammahug you did nothing wrong. Blocking is frequently about the blocker, not the blockee.

    People use the function in different ways. In this case it may simply be that the recipient has decided not to enter into a conversation with you, and has blocked you just so they don't have to remember this decision. In other words it's merely an administrative thing.

    @SunsetSnuggles the one done by the mods is called 'banned' and the photo is replaced by a big X.

  • @CuddleDuncan Awesome, thanks!

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

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    @respectful - are you sure about "deleted" accounts not being able to come back again? I've seen "deleted accounts" come back. I'll be talking to someone, they will delete their account (it will say "you can't reply - member has deleted their account" - it didn't say "deactivated", it definitely said "deleted"). Then they will come back a few days later, and we will start talking again - same account...🧐 Did this recently change?

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    @_Green_Eyes_ I have no idea; maybe someone like @Sideon or @Babichev knows if deleted accounts can be revived again?

  • I think deleted accounts have a certain amount of days to reclaim their account after deleting.

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