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  • Search should be fixed now

  • Thank you @Gary ! 👍

  • I was going through the faq and haven’t found it so far but my (probably) stupid question is can someone tell if you added them as a favorite? And if someone adds you as a favorite can you tell?

  • @Rod70 no. Favourites are private.

  • Thanks buddy

  • I'm confused about my role. I just signed up a couple days ago. Are people paying me to cuddle or do I have to pay them to cuddle? I was actually looking to get paid. I'm getting a few messages but the messages I'm getting is what's confusing me.

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    @CuddleGoddess89 welcome! There are three groups of people on Cuddle Comfort: professional cuddlers, clients of professionals, and enthusiast cuddlers. Some people fall into more than one group. For example, I am both a client and an enthusiast.

    You currently have an enthusiast account. If you would like to become a professional, you need to register as such using the button at the bottom of the home page. I strongly recommend you spend some time reading around the forum to understand what that will mean for you.

    As you have already discovered, you will receive all kinds of strange messages. Be quick to use the Report and/or Block buttons when necessary. The site is very good at dealing with undesirables.

    Some prospective clients (men) are unable to distinguish between enthusiasts and professionals (women) even though professionals have a blindingly obvious pink P or Pro on their thumbnail photo and a big shiny pink label on the profile itself. This may be the origin of some the confusing messages.

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