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  • Search should be fixed now

  • Thank you @Gary ! 👍

  • I was going through the faq and haven’t found it so far but my (probably) stupid question is can someone tell if you added them as a favorite? And if someone adds you as a favorite can you tell?

  • @Rod70 no. Favourites are private.

  • Thanks buddy

  • [Deleted User]CuddleGoddess89 (deleted user)

    I'm confused about my role. I just signed up a couple days ago. Are people paying me to cuddle or do I have to pay them to cuddle? I was actually looking to get paid. I'm getting a few messages but the messages I'm getting is what's confusing me.

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    @CuddleGoddess89 welcome! There are three groups of people on Cuddle Comfort: professional cuddlers, clients of professionals, and enthusiast cuddlers. Some people fall into more than one group. For example, I am both a client and an enthusiast.

    You currently have an enthusiast account. If you would like to become a professional, you need to register as such using the button at the bottom of the home page. I strongly recommend you spend some time reading around the forum to understand what that will mean for you.

    As you have already discovered, you will receive all kinds of strange messages. Be quick to use the Report and/or Block buttons when necessary. The site is very good at dealing with undesirables.

    Some prospective clients (men) are unable to distinguish between enthusiasts and professionals (women) even though professionals have a blindingly obvious pink P or Pro on their thumbnail photo and a big shiny pink label on the profile itself. This may be the origin of some the confusing messages.

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  • To be a professional on this site, the terms state, "You are accepting of all races, ages, genders, and sexual orientations."

    However, I see numerous professional profiles stating they only cuddle women, or only cuddle men.

    Did the terms to be a pro change? If so and I can elect to only cuddle women, I would sign up to be a pro.

  • I asked mark (the creator of the site) a while ago about that. Here was his answer:

  • @Sheena123 Thank you. I wonder what other requirements are not actual requirements? Can I solicit ________. Fill in the blank with whatever.

    Another requirement is clear communication. If the site isn't clear on the requirements, why should anyone else be clear?

    Either enforce the requirements or remove the requirements. Sorry, just my 2 cent venting for today.

  • @funnycuddles as far as I have observed that is the only one.

  • @funnycuddles off the top of my head, specifically soliciting massage is not allowed. Like, if you say “let’s have a nice cuddle with some caressing and massaging”, that’s ok. But to say,” book my massage package for such and such $$”, that’s a no no.

    I’ve known quite a few pros to get in trouble for taking communication off site before making a booking so I know they’re pretty strict on that. You would get a warning at first, but it’s something to avoid.

    That’s all I can think of right now 🤔

  • Question? I know pros when reaching @ 5 karmas plus get the number they have received on their main profile pic when searching…How’s come enthusiast and clients don’t? 🤔 just wondering…

  • @OhioMike that’s a really good idea, it lets people know when you are an established client/enthusiast
    @Babichev @Mark

  • I would not have anything to do with that, it would have to be taken up with @Mark

  • @cuddleversed , thank you! I agree.

    @Babichev , thank you also.

    Does anyone else have thoughts one way or other on current topic here ? 🤔

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    @OhioMike Thanks for reminding me about this. The code change has been pushed and I was going to reply here once it's actually deployed live. I'll update you then.

  • @Mark, thank you ! Appreciate all you do for us here 👍

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    Thanks, appreciate your feedback too. That's live now.

  • @Mark @Gary I’m not sure what’s happening but I have an issue that started a few days ago. I cant click the hot bar that’s usually on the bottom of my screen on my phone. So if I need to see messages or anything else in that bar, the only way I can see it is to click my profile. But anywhere else like on the forum or on the home page, I can’t see it.

  • @Mark @Gary @Sheena123 Can confirm; same problem here. Mobile browser commands keep covering the CC navigation icons. The other way I can expose the shortcuts is to slightly scroll back up the page.

  • @ernesto_2 see, I used to do that to. Just scroll a bit and it will pop up but now that doesn’t even work

  • @Sheena123 the rumor I'm starting is that CC is trying to give other professionals a chance, so they've targeted you due to your stellar karma and profile :lol: :bleep_bloop:

  • @ernesto_2 😂😂😂😂 problem solved lol we’ve figured it out 😆😆

  • It seems it was an issue with just the forum area, this is now fixed

  • Yay! 🌸🌸

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    Small suggestion for the forums section of the FAQ, in the answer to "What are the different forums for?" could there be a part added for the pro requests section with the goal of clarifying things further for anyone new who checks it to hopefully reduce the number of people who post in the wrong section of the forums?

  • How do you unblock someone that you already delete the conversation?

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