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  • Bumping this thread as I feel it is useful to new site members as well as some old ones

  • I cannot get my images to load

  • @respectful

    You can ask them to send you one in a message; if they refuse, it could be a red flag.

    Not necessarily. For over 6 months, I couldn't upload any profile picture, as it kept timing out, regardless of file size and/or image format. And regardless of HW platform (PC, Android, etc.)

    I only accidentally got to upload a profile picture recently, so I wouldn't even entertain the ridiculous idea of spending two hours on a vain attempt to send a picture to someone.

    So, not a red flag, just a site not f*cking working, really :-)

    I would hazard a guess that's a third party component, cloud-based (likely), but this site's backend is not based on standard phpBB , so not entirely sure...

  • @mark / @gary -- @Siberian76 mentioned some image loading problems in the post above; is that a known problem?

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    Might not be relevant but there was a bug fixed just a few days ago where uploading several images at once was wrongly hitting a file size limit.

    Ultimately timing out sounds like the file size limit might be getting hit. The requirements for uploading are PNG or JPG file format, at least 400x400 resolution and no more than 8MB file size. Keeping within that should work fine.

    Eradicating file size limitations is part of a future update which should be a big help but until then it needs to be respected.

    @Siberian76 If one of your photos are within those requirements and still not uploading, I would be really interested in looking at the source image. If you have one to send me, please email me (mark@) with an attachment.

  • Yeah, I wouldn't dare to upload a file even 1 MB large, let alone 8 MB.
    The original photos were resized on PC to something like 1024*768 (or similar) and JPG compression ratio was reduced to cut down file size drastically.

    At the time, I tried uploading just one, then tried two, then tried 3 but it didn't work even though all three together were less than 1 MB.

    I guess I hit that bug that you mentioned earlier. I just noticed in some other thread you mentioning that bug.

    Either way, it worked 2 weeks ago, so I presume there was an update to the site recently?

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    Updates are being deployed every week so it's difficult to know for sure what helped or didn't help.

    So just to confirm, are you saying that everything worked fine the last time you used this feature?

  • @Mark

    So just to confirm, are you saying that everything worked fine the last time you used this feature?

    Correct. After the recent updates, the image upload finally worked for me.

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    That's great and thanks for the feedback.

  • [Deleted User]Tazman5307 (deleted user)

    Hola! Newbie here. My question is, can non professional cuddlers charge a client for their cuddle sessions?

    Pros have rates while non pros, which I have seen here, still charge upwards 120 an hr.


  • @Tazman5307 if they don’t have a pink P on their profile like mine, they aren’t a pro and are not allowed to charge. Do not give them money. Report them. They have to apply to be a pro.

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)

    @Tazman5307: If a cuddler isn't registered with the site as a pro (look for the pink P on their profile), they aren't allowed to charge. Non-pros who charge for cuddles should be reported to the site (use the "report" button on their profile).

  • [Deleted User]Tazman5307 (deleted user)

    Thank you!!

  • [Deleted User]Tazman5307 (deleted user)

    With Respect!

    I see and and see new cuddlers here. The more I look, the more cleavage and sexy posees are present. This is in general. Now, I love these beautiful creatures. They are God's best creation, but I wonder. This looks more like a dating service than a therapy one.

    Could I be wrong?

  • @Tazman5307 some pics that have cleavage are a case by case but if they are insanely sexual or a jiggle away from falling out, you should report them.

  • @Tazman5307 , when you say new mean on the home page? Cause I'm not seeing it.

  • [Deleted User]Tazman5307 (deleted user)

    Some there and in general here and there.

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    @Tazman5307 Hmmmm. I do not see anything like that on the Home page. Everyone's search page is different probably because of variety of settings. Mine is set in the Ohio area, near yours in Michigan, nothing of that sort here either. If you feel strongly, report it but I do not see any trend or activity that's consistent. Good luck!

  • [Deleted User]Tazman5307 (deleted user)

    Gracias Mike! It just sends the wrong signal to new customers like me and to the world.

  • [Deleted User]Tazman5307 (deleted user)
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  • @Tazman5307 , sorry wasn't looking in LA If you're seeing profiles such as that all the time, well maybe you got a point! I think there's an inappropriate profile thread on here somewhere. Its awesome! (I think)

  • [Deleted User]charlesfinn (deleted user)

    Wondering where payment goes through if I apply as a professional, will it pass out of the US and make my bank call me? Lol

  • @charlesfinn pros are responsible for collecting payment at the time of the session from the client. No payments goes through the website except the fees we pay as pros.

  • [Deleted User]JessieDreamer (deleted user)

    Hello, I'm new here and wanted to ask what sets off red flags to anyone on this site? Is it quite common for people to ask in first sentence if you are interested in a session?

  • [Deleted User]squeakytoy (deleted user)

    @JessieDreamer That's common, but it's still a red flag for me. A generic copy/paste message on cuddlecomfort pretty much boils down to "I haven't bothered to read your profile, because in the end, I don't care who replies to this batch of messages I'm sending. I'm just looking for a warm body." And, being an enthusiast, I'm especially not crazy about it when people use terms like "session" in their opening message and act like they can "book me". Yikes.

  • Hi I’m new a client wanted me to host n he say book a hotel? Who’s should pay for the hotel? And can you host in a hotel and last our home are off limite correct?

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)
    edited February 2021

    @lamour: I've hosted at my place before, so no, our own homes aren't off limits.

    The idea of hosting is that the host provides a private location (as opposed to a public one like a library or a cafe or something). So if you're hosting at a hotel, you'd be the one paying for the hotel.

    Things get a bit more complicated when you're a pro, though: since your client's covering the cost of the cuddle, and a pro's rates typically take into account things like gas, or cleaning services, or food, or basically anything provided by the pro that costs money, technically the client's the one who pays for the hotel. But he pays you for it.

    Your fee is $80 an hour, right? So part of that would go to the site, and part would go to any expenses you had during the cuddle—gasoline for your car (or cab or bus fare to the hotel), and yeah, the cost of the room itself.

    This is part of why so many pros charge... well... a lot.

  • @DarrenWalker thanks so much for the information and may be once it’s a hotel to host the charge should be more cause that’s normally the price for a hotel.

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)

    @lamour: No problem! And yeah, hotels are expensive. (That's why I never stay at them.)

    Say, have you found the Professional Cuddling side of the forums yet? You can chat with other pros there, get a feel for how they do things, ask some questions, maybe pick up a few tips. It's a good site, this. Welcome, and I wish you the best of luck!

  • @charlesfinn Yes. The initial sign up has the payment go to the UK which is where this company is located. The site does this to make sure they can collect their percentage before you book and clients. My bank flagged it as well when I originally got set up.

    Have fun cuddling!!

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