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  • @Quinn411 as soon as we come to an agreed time and day and length of cuddle, I book and and let them know they click agreed.

  • [Deleted User]Penny1366 (deleted user)

    Not sure where to ask this.
    is it 'the norm' to look for cuddlers more local for cuddling? how does one know if someone will/does travel?

  • [Deleted User]Zundar (deleted user)

    @pj1366cuddler the norm for sure is to look at cuddlers more local for cuddling. The only way to know if they will travel or do travel is if they mention it on their profile.

  • [Deleted User]bwelnicki (deleted user)

    How do i know if a user has blocked me?

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    @bwelnicki If a person has blocked you, you won't be able to see their profile or message them.

    Don't let it worry you too much though; people block others for all kinds of reasons.

  • I think it would be useful to see a list of "blocked by" but it might be worryingly long. 😀

  • I sent a message to a pro asking for a session, and the next thing I know, I've got a profile here with a name I never selected and incorrect info I didn't provide (DOB, location). How in the world did that happen?!

  • @Whisper2 Sounds like a bug; @Mark?

  • @Whisper2
    How do you know the profile is you ( your photo maybe ? ) and how did you find out ( got an email from a visitor? )

    Maybe there is just someone new with similar details, but maybe someone is going around creating fake accounts.

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    @Whisper2 I've never heard of something like that before.

    To send a message to a Pro, you had to create an account, which I assume is 'Whisper2'.

    So what is the username of the account you believe was created without your knowledge?

  • Is it possible to delete or remove a karma? I booked a session with a cuddler and through texting each other we decided that we were not a good match. So she decided to go onto my profile page and say alot of things that are not true. She said that i request to cuddle nude. I have lots of great karma. After she does this she blocked me. I have no way to defend myself. I never even met this lady. Not cool

  • @smoothest
    Did you text through the site, or off-line ?

    One for @Mark or @SoulcuddlerZ I think.

  • I text through the site and then off line

  • @smoothest
    Is the cuddler still registered on the site ? Maybe the moderators could ask her to send screenshots of your alleged requests.

    I always recommend keeping communication on the site, for traceability in situations like this.

  • Please tell me HOW to arrange a cuddle session with a Non-Pro cuddler If the there is no Request to Book button on their page.......thank you.

  • You just have to message them and chat with them. There’s nothing being charged so you just need to figure a day and time that works for them. Treat it like you’re planning a time to spend with a friend

  • Thank you Sheena, Can we also exchange phone numbers ?

  • @jay333 - You don't book them the same way you book a pro. Since they are non-paid enthusiasts like yourself, you message like the same way you would on a dating site. If they want to hang out with you, they will. Be prepared for rejections.

  • But are we allowed to exchange phone numbers ?

  • @jay333 - Yes. I wouldn't open up an initial greeting with your phone number though. Some women are uncomfortable with that.

  • Or if they agree on a date and time through messaging, can i give them my phone number or address ?

  • Because I know thats not allowed with a professional cuddler until the Pro agrees on a cuddle session.

  • @jay333 - There are no rules prohibiting giving out other contact information if they agree to it.

  • OK Thank you Mike :)

  • Some people prefer to keep the conversations through the site, for traceability.

  • Is there a way to delete messages on this site? Thank you

  • @MrMature55 I don't think you can delete individual messages but you can delete the entire conversation you've had with a user if you click on the ... tab in the message panel you have with the user you want to delete there is an option to delete the conversation with that particular user.

  • @MrMature55
    If you mean public messages, when you post, you have 24 hours to edit ( click on the blue gear wheel / flower top right ) so you can just replace it with 3 dots.

    Private messages are best followed up with an apology that your cat ran over the keyboard and accidentally sent the previous message. 😀

  • Why can't I see profile pic of those requesting to cuddle with me?

  • @kuddlebugkate It sounds like they just don't have a profile picture. You can ask them to send you one in a message; if they refuse, it could be a red flag.

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