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  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's account has been temporarily paused. <<<<<<<< What does this mean?

  • @BooGP Take a look here (it's the seventh question).

  • [Deleted User]MsShayShay (deleted user)

    If I add someone to "favorites", will they know about it? Not sure if I even want people to message me right now.

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    @MsShayShay No, your favorites are private (but they can tell if you visited their profile). If you don't want to appear in other people's searches for a while, you can "mute" your account from the settings page.

  • What does ‘show’ and ‘spoiler’ mean within a thread? I’m having trouble following that.

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)

    @adorable48: A 'spoiler' is hidden text within a comment. You click 'show' to see what's been hidden. People use this feature for a lot of different things. For example:

    Q. When is a car not a car?

    A. When it turns into a driveway.

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    I also tend to use it when I know that I'm veering off-topic (or about to) and writing an "essay" that will clog up the thread.

    People who consider replies or responses that are only a paragraph or two as an "essay" should be forced to write an actual essay on why they hate a specific quantity of the written word so much, in my opinion. :P

  • Can men get paid to cuddle?

  • @40Cal301 yes you apply on the site

  • Though it's not something most men would have any success with given the ratio of men to women . Might have some success cuddling men .

  • [Deleted User]Bella001 (deleted user)

    I moved to Europe. How do I delete my account?

  • @Bella001 There's a Delete option at the bottom of the Settings page. (But you can always just edit your profile and change your location!).

  • I’ve been propositioned for sex or some inappropriate act almost every session. How do I avoid this?? They seem so much less interested once I reject it and it makes me super uncomfortable.

    OH AND If they ask for tantra massage it’s not energy work. They’re asking for erotic massage- they’re not trying to align your chakras. If it’s lingam tantra it’s specifically manipulation of the male genitalia. Don’t fall for it newbies.

  • @StringKitten Sting (the singer) is to blame for associating tantric massage with sex. Years ago he went on talk shows boasting he could last for hours because of tantric massage. So not fall for it.

  • @StringKitten There's no magic recipe to avoid men who attempt sexual contact in a platonic cuddle, other than never meeting another man ever again. About the only thing that might -- I repeat -- MIGHT help is to screen a lot harder, widen you definition of what a red flags is, pay attention to all red flags and don't give people the benefit of the doubt. In my 2+ years here, partly as an enthusiast, partly as a pro, I would say that 98% of people who have contacted me have been screened out. Even of the 2% that I met with, some of them tried for more.

  • For anyone worried about me being in a relationship it is non monogamous and my primary is quite supportive of this venture!


    I would remove the above sentence from your profile and add some comments about your platonic intentions, specifically using the P word

  • How do you know when u r able to b a professional cuddler and how do you see if someone booked you

  • On the main site page there is a section that you click if you want to apply to be one. Once it is approved you will have a pink P tag on your profile and people who visit your page will be given instructions on how to book, and then you will get notified once they do so. At least that is my understanding .

  • If you block someone, do they know it-?, how can they tell if they have been blocked-?

  • @waynewv People aren't notified when you block them.

    They won't be able to view your profile or message you, so if they try either of those things they will discover they have been blocked.

  • respectful, OK, thanks

  • When does the money come in that you earned from a client

  • @orchidtideGM30 , when they hand you the cash at the beginning of the session.
    You then pay CC the 15% site fee after the session is over.

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    @Mark I have a friend who applied to become pro and is supposed to have 2 cuddle sessions but her profile was paused. She does not want to get bad karma as her cuddlers were traveling to her from an hour or so away. What should she do? She is still a regular cuddler with a regular profile and scheduled those cuddles as an enthusiast and per pro status is still pending.

  • @CuddleeTurtle Please send me a message with her username and I'll take a look.

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    I am a pro cuddler looking for someone to cuddle with me free of charge. How does that work on the site? How can I book a session with them without charging them?

  • [Deleted User]MsCuddles715 (deleted user)

    Hi, I’m new to this, but is ok to refuse people cuddles if they refuse to send you a picture to identify or if they make it difficult?

  • @MsCuddles715 it's ok to refuse to cuddle anyone you're not comfortable with. That's my understanding.

  • @LightPrincess As far as I understand things, if you are giving a free session as a pro there is no need to use the booking system; just be very clear in messages to each other that it is an unpaid session. (@Mark -- ?)

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