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  • Is an account being “paused” and “suspended” the same or is “ suspended” and “banned” the same?

  • [Deleted User]SoulcuddlerZ (deleted user)

    @freddyfoxx paused & suspended are the same - they're meant to be temporary.

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    It's a change of terminology. 'Suspended' is now 'Paused' to be more representative of the various scenarios which are often not punitive.

  • Can I change my screenname?

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    @mallymal No, there currently isn't a way to change your own username (added this question to the Profiles section).

  • Members that haven't booked a session with me yet keep asking to talk off the site for quicker communication. When is it okay to exchange your secondary number?

  • [Deleted User]SoulcuddlerZ (deleted user)

    @Natasha25 There are different ways to go about that. Per the Client Service Agreement, communication with a pro cuddler should remain on the site "unless absolutely necessary" << the last part is open to interpretation. Some pros will refuse to talk off site, while others may require it as part of their vetting process. You could also have them give out their numbers instead.

    It's mostly up to you to decide whether off-site communication is warranted with a particular member. The silver lining is to confirm your bookings through the site.

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    @Natasha25 You can do it once you have agreed to a time and date on the website. If after this point something feels off, you can always just cancel.

  • @Natasha25 good advice in previous 2 posts. Someone who hasn’t firmed up a booking but wants to chat on the phone likely wants to negotiate out-of-bounds services, or perhaps just wants to suck you into a phonesex session.

  • Hi, I have a concern about linking a credit card to my account for fee payment. I REALLY try not to put my credit card
    out in "cyberspace" anywhere, any time. Is this absolutely mandatory for a professional cuddler to do so in order to remain part of the community? Are there any other options for payment? Thanks!

  • @Mark Any thoughts on @Kathryn_Filoli's question?

  • [Deleted User]SoulcuddlerZ (deleted user)
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    @Kathryn_Filoli Before the new booking feature went live, fees were originally paid through PayPal. Without a credit/debit card or banking information, the only ways to add funds to PayPal in the USA are by receiving a payment or by adding cash at a supported retail store. Now, you could add the PayPal Cash card which spends from your balance, but then you may incur a foreign transaction fee.

    Some Pros pointed out, where you can add a credit/debit card and spawn one or more virtual cards from which to spend to help avoid giving out your credit/debit card. However, the card requirement is otherwise unavoidable now - you must have a credit/debit card to use.

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    @Kathryn_Filoli Yes it's required but you can use a virtual card from as they are accepted here.

  • I have never heard of I will look into it. Thank you, @Mark!

  • How long can a temporary suspension last? I am trying to get write karma for a cuddler who I saw on Saturday and had a great experience. Would like to write something about the experience.

  • [Deleted User]SoulcuddlerZ (deleted user)

    @Lev136 temporary suspensions usually last until the underlying cause of that suspension has been resolved. No timeframe is available for when this cuddler will be restored. It could be as early as today, or not at all.

  • Um...... "or not at all." ? That wouldn't be temporary anymore would it?

  • @SoulcuddlerZ , I met this cuddler this past Saturday and wanted to give her a nice karma. Terrific cuddler!! I can't right now , nor can I reach her. Any suggestions?

  • Can I search for someone by username?

  • @Redford If you know someone's user name, you can view their profile just by putting it after like this:

  • [Deleted User]FitCuddles (deleted user)
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    Are inactive profiles for non pros trimmed periodically or are they sent inactive notifications or? I just created my account and joined up but there's a lot of people in my area who haven't even logged in for years. When asking various peeps if they were still looking for a cuddle buddy I apparently used up a 10 message limit but some are on accounts which may no longer have interested or active users. As a result I also have no idea how long I have to wait to get more messages to send messages to those with no profile photo. I'm just basically trying to find out who is even a valid, active or interested user right now : ( ***

  • @FitCuddles I don't believe so; I think only inactive professionals are trimmed.

    Your message limit will increase over time (and it resets each day).

  • [Deleted User]FitCuddles (deleted user)

    @respectful Thank you very much I appreciate your reply. Thank you for explaining the reset.

  • Hello, I’m new here. I have a question: being Pro, can I have no paid sessions ?

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    @softhest Yes, you can have unpaid sessions as well as paid ones.

    See Mark's response.

  • [Deleted User]fishert (deleted user)

    Can you meet with non professionals?

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)

    @fishert: As a non-professional, I will only cuddle with people who write like a cross between H.P. Lovecraft and Terry Pratchett.

    [straight face]

    Pfft. Hahaha, no, I just can't do it. Of course we can cuddle non-pros! You just have to find someone you get along with, and then you both sit down and confront the fact that you're on opposite sides of the earth.

    But seriously, pros are mostly for if you a) want to be the most important person in the cuddle, or b) can't find a non-pro.

  • Why did the block function disappear? I want to block someone who I suspect is not here for platonic intentions and who is trying to book with me, but there's no longer any block option.

  • [Deleted User]FitCuddles (deleted user)

    Sorry couldn't find the answer. What does the "Request to Book" button do? Does this simply send a message to a pro or does it open a user interface for scheduling or? I wanted to schedule a session with a pro in my area but I do not know if I should simply send a message or if that button has user interface with the schedule and a calendar or what it does.

  • @FitCuddles The Request to Book button just lets you send a message. It's identical to the Send Message button for non-professionals.

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