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    @respectful Thank you. Will it still work if I bypassed my message limit as a nublet? I suspect so but still.

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    @FitCuddles I suspect it won't work past the message limit (messages to professionals are probably treated just like any other message).

    By the way, some (most?) professionals probably don't mind someone scheduling a session straight away, but there are some who prefer to exchange a few messages first. So maybe include some information about yourself and what you are looking for in the session.

  • [Deleted User]FitCuddles (deleted user)

    @respectful Thank you very much. I have done a ton of reading while I've been here so its good to know what that button does because I would definitely want to reach out and have a discussion first for myself. Thank you for the tip about making it clear what I am looking for in the session as well that helps a lot too. I appreciate it.

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    @softhest @respectful

    In a general sense, no you cannot.

    If you have chosen to be a Pro on this platform, you cannot generally have unpaid sessions. If that was permitted it would make it very difficult to keep track of and understand account activity on our end. So you'll need to decide whether you want to have a enthusiast or pro account. Some people have switched between them during certain periods and that's fine.

    If you're talking about the rare occasion, then that would probably be ok assuming you very clearly state that intention early in the conversation.

  • @Mark I have chosen to create a giveaway to increase my network and presence on this site.

    I am a Pro and I have designated a winner who will be gifted a one hour session. We are arranging and agreeing to the appointment time now.

    Can the appointment be created as a gift and no payment to Cuddle Comfort be taken? (Because I will not be making anything from this session it's a prize and therefore free for the recipient).

    Please let me know.


  • @CuddleMelbourne Should be fine if it's only occasional and clearly stated early in the conversation. Doing it on the forum also added some additional transparency which is good. Thanks for checking it's ok.

  • Netspend and Greendot cards are also great alternatives. Both even provide you with a bank roting and account number. You may have a maximum of 10 active cards.

    I use one for this site
    I use one for purchasing supplies
    I use one for all types of business related travel

    That just helps me keep things organized in my topsy turvy world.

  • I scheduled with a cuddler through the new booking and the cuddler didn’t show. I scheduled an air bnb and paid for it. Now I am out the cost of the air bnb. Fortunately I didn’t pay the cuddler upfront. I haven’t been able to reach her through the site or otherwise. Any suggestions?

  • Give a negative Karma report, saying just what you said here. Chalk the expense up to experience. I wouldn’t reserve a space (Hotel, Air B&B, etc) that can’t be cancelled at the last minute until the pro you’ve engaged proves ro be reliable.

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    The pro should be reported to the mods; by policy if a client pays for an accomodation and the professional doesn't show or has to cancel, they have to compensate the client the cost of the room, or at least offer some sort of discount on the next session.

  • Hi im a newbee...
    I plan on getting my professional certificate but in the mean time can I still charge and if so can i mention it on my profile? Just curious

  • [Deleted User]SoulcuddlerZ (deleted user)

    @prizeless professional certificate or not, you must be an approved professional on CuddleComfort if you wish to charge for cuddles on same.

  • Thnx so how do i go about doing that

  • I already created a do i go foward?

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    @prizeless That's one of the questions in the FAQ, under Professionals - "How do I become a professional?" (3rd last question).

  • Got it thank goung to take the training to be a Pro

  • How are professionals chosen from
    The applications? I have applied yet have not heard anything back. Please advise.

  • @cuddleanurse I'm pretty sure that any one of the site moderators can oversee pro applications. They choose people based on the genuity of the answers given, I would think. There are only 3 people manning this active and growing site, and they are constantly doing work on it so please give them a little bit of time. How long ago did you apply? It could take a few days to hear something back about it.

  • [Deleted User]Softsupport (deleted user)

    Im nonprofit and I don’t want to exchange numbers but keep all info on site like time to meet, location, and etc. Is that weird?

  • [Deleted User]Softsupport (deleted user)

    Darn autocorrect: non pro not nonprofit 😂 Not looking for donations!

  • @Softsupport Not weird at all, and it will actually be really helpful to have that record of communication in case you have to report someone who is not here for the right reasons.

  • What does host and public mean?

  • @Emmers725 Host means you cuddle at your place (or perhaps a room you arrange and pay for.) Public means you cuddle on a park bench, a movie theatre, coffee shop, etc. That might mean maybe you only hold hands, or arms around shoulders, or not.

  • How do you use emojis on profiles?

  • @RaindropSweetie If you're on your phone just type them in. Or if you're on desktop, you can open up your symbols menu. I have no idea for Windows since I haven't used one in years, sadly. I'd just google the one I wanna use. I'm on a Crapple (Mac) computer, so I have to go into Edit > Emoji & Symbols to add in.

  • what does pro pending approval mean?

  • [Deleted User]m4wcuddling (deleted user)

    When you send a message to a pro, then delete message as if I changed my mind to contact the pro does the message get deleted from recipients mailbox also? Thanks

  • @leftee "pro pending approval" means the person has applied to be a professional (and so be allowed to charge a fee for cuddling), and is waiting to see if the application has been accepted, which can take at least a few days.

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