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  • @Livious , on my screen, in my upper right corner is my profile pic and then an arrow beneath it. Click on that and there’s a drop-down menu. One is for settings. Click on that and scroll down, one is blocked members. You should be able to unblock them.

  • When a profile is "timeout", what does that mean?

  • @pcuddle this means that the person is temporarily suspended from the site. It could mean that they have broken the rules of the forum, or any of a number of things. One of the commonest reasons for it to happen to professionals is administrative problem with their account: for example, perhaps their credit card has expired. In this case the account is restored as soon as the admin is sorted out.

    Timeouts typically last a week or two, and most people return to the site normally.

    Note that timeout does not imply wrongdoing on the part of the person: that is merely one possible explanation.

    They may be contrasted with a ban, which is permanent exclusion.

  • So I'm just wondering.... If you're not a professional cuddler are you expected to cuddle for free? How do I add booking without being a professional cuddler?

  • @Asha_Imani you need to apply and be approved as a pro before you can charge. Once you go through the process, get accepted and have a pink P on your profile, just like the one I have, you can charge and call yourself a pro.
    Good luck!

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    @Asha_Imani the answer to your question is yes, if you’re not a professional cuddler you’re an enthusiast that just enjoys sharing cuddles for free with other enthusiasts.
    To your second question, you cannot add a booking without being a professional cuddler and if you try to circumvent this rule and you’re found out you will be banned from the site. So if you want to charge for your cuddles then you have to apply with cuddle comfort to become a professional cuddler on this site, once you’re approved then your profile will display a visible pink P and you will be on your way to making money as a pro cuddler and of course paying the site its 15% cut.
    Good luck and enjoy the site one way or another.

    Edited to add: I see you’ve already applied to be a pro cuddler and just waiting for approval from the site. I’ll leave my answer for others who have similar inquiries.

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  • Hi and I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was wondering if anyone else ran into the same issue. I muted myself this weekend and then tried to unmute. I wonder if my profile is stuck in muted status because I had other people try to search for me and I'm not in the search results.
    Is anyone else having this issue? 💚

  • All set everyone. I was able to get it resolved by doing a hard reset. I deactivated my account and then reactivated it and then within about 30 minutes to an hour my account is now showing in the search results. 🥰

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