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  • I'm new to this site, and have been a bit wary about the safety and integrity of people here. I just wanted to say that from reading some of the forums, this one especially, I feel like this community is caring and supportive and really trying hard to do something important and beautiful. Thanks to all, keep doing what you're doing!

    With love, Emily
  • That is really sweet Emily.   Thanks for posting
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBunny88 (deleted user)
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    Could we please ban @24juggernaut ? Super exposed!

    Edit: Why won't it let me report anyone? I can only block...
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
     I just posted this in another thread under reporting abuse and then I saw your thread because I was going to post it here also. I am also not able to report… What is the deal with that? 
  • Same here, I clicked the report button and nothing happens. Are we supposed to send that kinda stuff to Mark or doc now?
  • Oh snap, I hadn't clicked on the pic. Yup ol' boy has to go.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
     I know it is a ton of work for Mark and Gator  but is there a way to make any photos that are uploaded go through some kind of approval process?  I personally wouldn't mind if it took a little bit of time before a photo was approved. But it's much better than having the community doing the policing and having something like this be up until someone catches it  

     Personally I have seen many profiles like this.  And it's full 100% frontal nudity if you click on the photo, it just looks very graphic if you don't click on it.
  • That's a great idea @fireandblue
  • @FireAndBlue great idea. I would actually volunteer to be part of a group of people that approved or disapproved uploaded pictures before they displayed on their profile. A simple Yes or No system, maybe to give the person a response with a reason as to why it was disapproved (nudity, hate speech, etc..).
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    I'm not too keen on approval processes but an alternative idea I have is to auto-suspend an account based on it receiving a certain number of reports within a certain time-frame. So when you have a serious offender, someone can mention it here and tell others to report it too forcing it offline rather than waiting for me to see the report.
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     We have another inappropriate file, I'm not able to block but it's just a photo of a penis. 

    @Mark  @docgatorb
  • @FireAndBlue, If you have problems reporting, please send me an email and I can do it.
    John Auckland NZ.
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    I probably won't be able to fix the iPhone reporting issue until next week. I'm getting plenty of reports coming in though and hopefully those are covering the missed reports.
  • The iPhone issue is really strange because it happens whether you use chrome or safari.   

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    I take that back - I've fixed the iPhone issue now, remotely.
  • bravo! I just checked and it is working :-)
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)

    Somehow, I am of the belief that "dicklover6969" will not have a profile for very much longer.
  • Could be an innocent mistake lol 
  • Here's another one that needs to disappear quickly:
    Profile says favorite cuddle position is 69... a vegetarian who is still willing to "eat ur meat."  SMH

  • @quietman775 i just reported her seeing that entire profile as a sex ad
  • Says 69 is her favorite cuddle position, that's from Shane's video.
  • [Deleted User]manticorp (deleted user)
    This one isn't even trying to be subtle...
  • Dear All, We are seeing a large number of profiles that are totally against the principles of the site and industry, Thank you for reporting them when you see them, when we all work together we can clean up the bad apples.
    Love and friendship John.
  • @manticorp, It is better you report anything you feel not appropriate on the drop down menu on the persons profile, @mark gets the report there and then and can act, there is a time delay because of country differences.
    Thank you and a thank you to all for reporting bad profiles.
  • [Deleted User]manticorp (deleted user)
    I did, but I figured it'd be good to boost it here too since more people reporting reasonably would get more attention without violating any of the TOS :)
  • @manticorp, you are right a little public posting helps those who do not understand the site to look at themselves and there profiles. Being broad minded implies only one thing and when seen on a profile is a red flag.
    Love from John and his trees, Auckland NZ.
  • I find the following profile rather suspicious 


    The name is shortened up for, don't eat your boogers. They viewed my profile earlier and then blocked me and I have never dealt with them before.  I find that odd along with their choice of profile name. 
  • @pokemeup lol

    profile not inappropriate but is the name?
  • @MrSoloDolo, what I noticed about that profile (besides the name) was this text: "I'm looking for a serious long term distance relationship
    leading to marriage."  Depending on how long-distance it is, sounds like no cuddles before marriage. LOL  I agree it's not inappropriate --- just missing the point.
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