What to wear when cuddling?



  • [Deleted User]FlowerofLife (deleted user)
    Some of my clients become aroused, and some get embarrassed.  I remind them that it's a natural, human function.  I don't bring it up (no pun intended), just ask if they can move it to the side, or something.  Once the attention is off of that, then we're able to continue with our cuddles;-)
  • Depending on where I'm cuddling with someone and our comfort level with one another determines what I'm wearing. If it's at my place or in some cases at a hotel while traveling I prefer to cuddle in soft pant or basketball shorts and a t-shirt all the way down to being nude. I really don't care being nude in front of a stranger or clothed if the intent is non-sexual. That's not to say I won't get turned on at any point, but I think having to option to be that open when cuddling with someone is freeing.

    The person I'm cuddling with can wear anything from jeans and a t-shirt to yoga pants to booty shorts and a tank top to bra and panties to being nude. It all comes down to your comfort level and the comfort level of the person you're cuddling with as to what each person agrees to while cuddling.

    @FlowerofLife that is a great point. Yes, sometimes people do get turned on while cuddling... it's a natural, human function. Doesn't mean you have to act on it or let it ruin a great cuddle session because it happened :)
  • I feel like naked cuddles are best. Skin on skin contact feels so relaxing and intimate. Clearly I would never pull on a woman's clothes or try to pressure her to go nude right away if she isn't comfortable. 
  • Something comfortable :)
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    When I cuddle with pros, I always wear shorts and a t shirt.
  • One thing that sucks is when pros where jeans or long sleeve shirts...

  • [Deleted User]thecigarclub (deleted user)
    Some of the new pros in LA are wearing hazmat suits 
  • [Deleted User]Alternis (deleted user)
    I thought it was normal to wear something comfortable like shorts and a shirt. I don't think I would ever repeat a session with someone who wears jeans and long sleeves because it would give me the vibe that im not welcome there.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Whenever I've hired pros, I usually ask them to wear what I want them to wear and I've never had much pushback. Of course I never ask them to be naked or wear lingerie. I generally ask them to wear shorts and a tank top. 
  • [Deleted User]smoothOperator (deleted user)
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    Light clothing (e.g. T-shirts and shorts) are good enough for me. I don't trust myself to keep things platonic with a woman (meaning my hormones won't flare up automatically), so unless a lady is prepared for what typically follows, light clothing is fine.
  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    If I'm feeling goody-goody I go with Captain America. 

    If I'm feeling goofy I go with Spider-man.

    If I go with Wonder Woman...well...that's classified.
  • @reurbo you really think jeans is comfortable to cuddle in/with!?   lol that's funny   :) 

  • [Deleted User]thecigarclub (deleted user)
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    If you're happy and you know it clap your hands *clap clap*
  • There is a pro on here that does spanking videos. Just sayin...
  • @Thecigarclub You could have tagged me if you wanted. It would have made this more fair so I could at least defend myself! If you have something you'd like to say to me, I already messaged you directly to get the problem that you have out of the way. But, obviously, you're too immature to talk to me one-on-one since you accepted my apology through private messages a few days ago, yet, you're still somehow talking down upon me to this day? :P silly silly.

    I used to do cam shows, fetish clips, and I even to this day still attend foot parties. All that is none of your business, or anyone else's business. My past is my past, and I'm not ashamed of it nor would I change anything. I have grown to be a beautiful woman through all of that and it made me who I am today. While I'm on this site, I am respecting their site and their rules, as well as myself in the process. You don't see anyone mentioning what you've done in the past...and EVERYONE has done something in the past. I genuinely take cuddle therapy seriously and I don't mess around with anything to break the rules...hell, I even offered you a session. Maybe you should take me up on the offer since you seem to be so obsessed with me!
    So may I help you with something? because I would like the respect of everyone else, just as I am giving you respect by not subtly talking about you to other people in forums (that would be...high school gossip! And I think we should all be done with that by this point lol). Thank you  :)
  • I just wish though that this idea that preferring a cuddler to wear leggings and a tank top means you want sex cause that's just bullshit. It's not true.
    I respect boundaries.
    I had snugglers not wear pants and I kept my hands off her private areas anyways. Well the yeast infection made that more likely that I would avoid it but still. I would have avoided it either way.
    But hey each to their own.
  • @Morpheus I think only once I've asked for a cuddler to wear something specific, but as long as it's a reasonable request, something basic, then I'm glad to hear you've never had push back on it. You never know unless you ask, right?
  • I like the hazmat suits or maybe Star Wars Trooper armor, no risk of wardrobe failure.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    @reurbo yessir that is true
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    @docgatorb cuddle with a Storm Trooper.... would be interesting. Would they be as good at cuddling as they are at shooting though?
  • They're not that good at shooting.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
     I think that was his point lol
  • Yep.. that was the point lol
  • [Deleted User]smoothOperator (deleted user)
    @Thecigarclub I thought things were more relaxed over there on the west coast.
  • [Deleted User]KaitlynJP (deleted user)
    I prefer to wear pajama bottoms or yoga pants, sports bra and a tank top. For my cuddle buddy, I'd prefer them to be comfortable, maybe sweats or basketball shorts and a t shirt or tank. Being clothed I think is really important. I think that the human body is beautiful, clothed or nude, but I'd like to keep my body for me and my significant other. 
  • @KaitlynJP please move to california.
    we need you

  • First of all I'd dress in a manner that my cuddle partner is comfortable with, making sure of what that is beforehand. If she is comfortable with nude cuddling, I'd certainly be willing to do that since I am a long time nudist. I doubt I'd be any more likely to get an erection nude than I would clothed. However, erections do occur sometimes, and if the woman I'm cuddling with is okay feeling it against her, I'd be comfortable leaving it there without embarrassment. Of course, if it makes her uncomfortable, I'd certainly shift position so she is more comfortable. Just because an erection happens, doesn't mean that any action needs to be taken. The bottom line is that I'll never do anything purposely to make a cuddle partner uncomfortable.
  • I came here  just to read the comments.  some are useful others are   just down right funny.  
    CA n you imagine just for a moment arranging a cuddle party or a one on one session just to relax listen to music not much talking and people just  want to unwind. And someone   says " illl be wearing a  tuxedo  the whole time and the lady wearing a expensive gown  like you   she just   came  from the Grammy's   ... people are way over thinking this. its a freaking cuddle. how do you cuddle with your pet at home like a dog? the dog wants to sit on your lap and  just  rest its head on your lap.. maybe you  get lucky and the dog  starts  licking your toes.   you  do that to a pro cuddler and  you get weird looks. 
    most cuddles are casual people  regular stuff.    enjoy the laugh
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    Im new here and ive noticed in these forums there are a bunch of pervs here and it makes really uncomfortable to know that alot of men in here are looking for sex I didnt know that was what this was for I mean have some respect for these women Im unsure if i want to be here now
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Whoever @comecusdlewme was, they were here long enough to call us all perves and then left lol
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