New Professionals! Here Is Everything You Need To Know

So you are a new professional? Welcome to Cuddle Comfort!

You HAVE gone to the bottom of the Homepage, clicked on Become a Professional and gone through the process, right? Good, because the site is very smart at catching unregistered professionals.

There is heaps of useful information and advice in these forums, but it's somewhat scattered. This thread is an attempt to provide something of a central reference point. The suggestions below are relevant to all professionals, whatever your location, gender or approach.

History teaches us that this site, and the cuddling community generally, rewards

  • Patience
  • REspect
  • Self-awareness
  • Effort
  • Thoughtfulness

In other words, if you practice those virtues your success is PRESET. (Sorry, sorry, sorry, I know, I know, I'm just trying to make it memorable.)


Start with the Frequently Asked Questions sticky on the General board. Read all of @respectful's excellent section at the beginning thoroughly (at least twice), then skip through the rest of the thread.

Also, glance through the site's Terms and Conditions found at the bottom of the Homepage. While you are at it, explore the whole site thoroughly. It isn't huge.

Then look carefully at ALL of the other sticky threads on all four boards. You don't need to read every post, just get a sense of what is there. It's a big deal for a thread to be a sticky on this forum, it's given very careful thought.


Now, for a change of scene, use the site's Search function to look at your potential clients. And the other professionals in your area.


Next, have a look over the Professional Cuddling board. In idle moments go back many pages and see what catches your eye. This is where all that help and advice is scattered around. You're not looking for needles in haystacks ... more like rubies in a huge cardboard box of polystyrene packaging chips.


Here are some of the more useful threads, in case you miss them. They contain ..... well, basically everything you need to know to get started. Pay particular attention to the first one: you don't have to do a training course to be a successful, serious cuddle professional, but for most people it will really help.

These first threads are the most important (other than the stickies, obviously)

This lot are less urgent


This is all far too much to take in in one go. It will take you days, weeks or months depending on your circumstances. Worth it though, because it's decades-worth of knowledge, experience, skill and things you wouldn't think of yourself .... just lying around waiting for you to pick it up. It's an incredibly valuable resource.

Good luck, and happy cuddling!



  • If I've missed anything good, please let me know quick and I'll edit the top post.

    When we get good threads in the future we'll add a link to this thread.

  • This is awesome! While I am not a new pro-cuddler I can see how helpful this is and commend you! Thank you for this!

  • I have a friend who told me a few days ago that she had applied to be a pro cuddler. I've been looking for her profile since just to add her as a friend and confirm her status but I haven't seen it yet. I was wondering how long it takes for applications to get approved?

  • @RaveHeart usually a few days. But there's only one or two guys who do it so it's a bit variable. There is no meaning in the timing, they do it when they get to it.

  • I got my first meet up with a cuddler yesterday and it went so well! I'm very grateful for the forum and the community here. Everyone and everything is so helpful to be able to learn the right way to vet people, but also to learn from one an other. I've been on other cuddler websites, in the past, and nothing compare to what we can find here.
    sending good vibes 🤗🤍

  • Thank you for this

  • About how long is it taking you guys to book your first session?

  • For me it only took a week or so, but there is only a few Pro in my area. I wouldn't put so much thought into it though, as it depends on a lot of factors. Like how many pros in your area vs cuddlers who book sessions and others who look more for free cuddles friends. @RhapsodyBlue

  • Thank you.

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  • [Deleted User]Moxytocin (deleted user)

    @AmazingCuddle22 You're not designated as a pro on your profile. You may have your own cuddle business but to be a professional on this site, you need to fill out their application and get accepted and pay the monthly fee (male cuddler).

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  • [Deleted User]Moxytocin (deleted user)

    @AmazingCuddle22 I don't know as I'm not a pro, but I'm curious why you ask? If there is, it's private for good reasons. If you become a pro, you'll find out.

  • Thank you for all of this fantastic information! I’m new to this and very much looking forward to this journey!

  • Hello and thanks! New Pro in Nashville area. Not sure how many are in the area but I'm here!

  • Just so that everything is connected to everything else .... here's a general thread of hints and tips for professionals.

  • Hey there everyone! I'm a new pro here in Toronto and I'm super excited to be here. I'm looking forward to just making amazing connections and learning from the pro cuddle vets of CC. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!❤️

  • I'm very new to this, I've been such a dynamic and natural teddy bear all of my life and I decided why not spread my love to the masses!? Any advice on how to get started?

  • @prynce_charming yes, read the first post in this thread.

  • [Deleted User]TheLatina (deleted user)

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and love the information that has been given. I have been looking for this business for the longest. Took me a while but here I am. Finally got approval and I'm excited to get my first booking. I will be reading everything I can asap. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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    Hi I was approved for professional cuddling. I had an issue with setting up my account where the page froze and now the page is gone. Does anyone know how to contact the company to have another email sent for the application set up regarding my credit card?

    Thank you🥰

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    What are the rules on group cuddle sessions? Are there any rules for it?
    Happy Friday everyone!!

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  • Happy Belated Birthday! @sage91436 🥳

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  • Hi I'm Sami I'm new here and I'm in the Kansas/Missouri area I just wanted to introduce myself this is my first time doing this but I'm a big cuddle bug so this is perfect for me

  • Hi! I'm Vanessa and I'm from Colombia, big fan of cuddles but it's my first time doing this <3

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    Please read the first post in the thread. 😊

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