Something people might be surprised to know about you

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I am scared of the ocean, love to look at it, but will only go in if I can see straight down to the bottom and wont go beyond waist deep. I am also terrified of heights and get vertigo



  • I get along with every any anybody, and enjoy peoples company, but have been a natural loner my whole life.

  • Though I have been sober since I was 16 (26 yrs) I have done every drug you can possibly imagine, including crack and heroin, and have even made my own homemade batch of LSD

  • Are we talking people on CC or anyone and everyone?

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    I used to be an amateur stand-up comedian.

  • [Deleted User]AntoineD (deleted user)

    I'm not sure about it, but I might be Asperger's ( somewhat autistic ).
    Though this is only speculative and I still to see a professional to determine whether I am.

  • If I'm relaxed, I see colors when I hear music.

  • synesthesia is pretty nifty sounding. I guess for you you just kinda have it and don't know any other way but to me it sounds like it would be cool.

    I am trying to think of something interesting with me but the only unusual thing about me may not be suitable for this forum.

  • A lot of people on these forums may think I'm a jerk but I'm actually extremely caring, kind and polite. I spend a lot of my free time volunteering, I participated in the American Heart Walk this weekend and raised over $1700 for heart research. I've volunteered as a mentor in the big brothers of Orange County program. I have volunteered with a dog rescue for the past 10 years and have helped rescue over 3000 dogs. I have 15 employees and take pride in mentoring and helping to develop them. Most of you however probably just know me as the overly opinionated guy on the CC forums lol

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    much love to you, bro Morpheus.

  • [Deleted User]AntoineD (deleted user)

    Well, turns out what is to be suspected as autism truly is something else, more chances it might be the following :

  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)

    I've had compromised hearing in my left ear since I was a toddler. No trauma of any kind, though. It was explained to me when I got older that my hearing in that ear just never fully developed, so it was weak to begin with. Or something like that. Heh. It's been awhile since anyone explained it to me. So I can still kind of hear out of it, just not very well. When I'm out with people, I tell them that when I'm spoken to, I tend to lean in to the right a bit to make sure I'm picking up what's being said. I have issues with background noise, however, that can make things difficult. But after 39 years of getting by just fine, I manage. ;)

  • pmvines i am afrade of heighs too and i get vertigo wehn im up high and im scared to ever hav 2 live in a high rise apartements id get so dizzy im afrade id fall over the balceoneys
    VIPirate i have littel hearing of my left ear too from an ear infectoin that was not treating and i do the same thing as you lean in on wehn i lisen with my right ear , my balance is realley off becaus of my ear mabey that why i get vertigo in heights
    and AntoineD i think im aspergers allso i got al the traites of aspergers all my life
    readeing all these was amazeing and make me feel not so allone! wow

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    somethin u may not to know aboute me
    my one wish dream is to own my own litl mobile home
    i live with my parents im disabeld and cant work and im poor but my dream is to own my own mobile home , im scared becaus the onley apartment that help with rent for disabeld is high rise with open balcoeny and im cant get up high liek that my vertigo make me sick in heigts evor sence i was a littl kid i loved mobile homes and my dream is to own my own littl mobile home that i can live in with my cat al my life

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    I actually care about people. I want to know how you are when I ask. I want to know what makes one happy, sad, anxious, delighted, scared...I want to know what that person is thinking, feeling, wanting, not wanting...
    It's this "way" that I have always had about me and I never understood it until now. I struggled with it for so long until I said, "F#$% it! It is what it is and as long as I am not hurting anyone, then this is a gift to me and them!" So there you have it. I actually care.

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    It's hell to get old. I'm not there, but I'm moving in that direction quickly. The whole "cuddle buddy" thing appeals to me, but in the everyday world, it is rare, it takes something like this site to bring people together. So I'm looking to make some friends here, and cuddle with a couple of them, I hope, but probably get to know more than I could possible cuddle.

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    I think people would be surprised to know that I am in a fraternity. I generally don't tell people outside of greek because it seems frats have been under much scrutiny as of late and so i fear I may be subject to gross over generalizations/sterotypes before an individual truly gets to know my personality and experiences. A girl I cuddled with recently ask if I was in a frat (I had a decorative paddle on the wall) and I actually got super worried about what assumptions she made.

  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)

    Psi it's very simple hide the fanny whacker in the closet when the cuddler comes over

  • Deceit/deception is not a good practice. Or precedent. Or solution. Do you really want to be That Guy who lies about who he is from getgo?

  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)

    Is Re- decorating deceitful ?

  • Well, being uncomfortable with who you are to the point of hiding things and pretending they don't exist isn't good for interpersonal relationships...or even your own relationship with yourself. But it might be a great opportunity for self-examination toward becoming the person you want to be.

    Personally, I wouldnt want to be the guy sabotaging a potentially great longlasting cuddle relationship by injecting sex and fetish metaphors and conflating them with violence against women by interjecting the word fannywhacker, even if it's just for laffs. This site is for safe, respectful platonic cuddling. It isn't a men's locker room.

  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)

    The lady disapproves of the host , hosting a platonic cuddle meeting , rearranging select personal belongings , to create a better atmosphere , to enhance the intended activity .

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    Lol I have no intention of hiding it just concerned about what people think. The paddle is truly decorative, a gift from another member with his name and my name on it and our family lineage. And jokes aside, we don't paddle people nor we do anything humiliating or senseless.. that's the kind of stereotype i am a worried about. We earned new members respect by offering a meaningful program rather than through fear and abuse and in turn they earned out respect by showing acts of selflessness and determination. Our program was really about grooming respectable people with integrity and perseverance at the forefront.

    You're right, if it comes up in conversation i should just be honest about my experience. Being a member of a frat really is an integral part of my life which I shouldn't hide it out of fear of what one might think (too late for that anyways lol). As a founding member the experience really enhanced my life and I think all those involved. I have nothing to be ashamed about, i'm just overly concerned that people will be judgmental and get the wrong idea about me.

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    What? Judgement all in these forums?

  • [Deleted User]sleepyman (deleted user)

    I am a hypnotist.

  • Almost anything, as I do not tell my secrets on public forums.

  • Unknown and secret aren't quite the same thing.
    I happen to have a mental trick that lets me stop my hiccups in seconds when I notice I have them. When my brain starts running on too many tracks at once, it causes traffic jams or something that get manifested as hiccups. If I just take a moment to clear my mind the hiccups immediately stop. I've never once had this fail since I first figured it out.

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    My twin brother and I were born waaaayy too early - our lungs were not formed completely and we weighed very little (1Ib 6 ounces for me and 1Ib 9 ounces for him). For whatever reason, presumably caused by birth complications, my natural body temperature is one degree lower than everyone else's.

    That's right, everyone. You may be hotter than me but I'm cooler than you. B)

    Maybe there's also an underlying condition because I'm always cold - unless it's incredibly hot outside or sometimes when I'm sick. My friends like to hug me when they're hot because of it. Bleh. :s I still love them though. <3

  • I can eat and breathe fire. :#

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  • I used to have my lip pierced.

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