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    I didn't realize everyone on here was just talking to themselves. Actually, @FunCartel, I didn't even know Bles was doing that until she said she was—thus saving me the trouble of trying to make sense of words that (it turns out) aren't meant to be understood by other people at all.

    Not weird to dissect someone's confusing post if you think you're meant to understand it, is it? But Bles just told us we're not meant to understand her posts: she's just talking to herself in public. It's good information to have.

  • Exactly! A stranger with a faceless username and IP address. Everybody else simply ignores. But you both seek the attention of a faceless stranger. Lol. A faceless stranger talking to herself. With absolutely nothing to offer you. This is only a digital space in a public arena. Nobody cares about a faceless nobody talking to herself. Nobody! Lol. You both really have nothing better to do. Flag her if you all have a problem with a faceless nobody talking to herself in a public place. It's always been my sanctuary to talk to myself in a public place . I will continue to talk to myself. Only difference between the street and here is that here is digital. You don't have to respond. Ignore this nobody like every other intelligent person does. Ignore and keep trolling. There are tons of topics on this site to go comment on in threads spanning over 8 years of discussion. Some still very relevant. And leave this little faceless nobody alone. Lol. CC state troopers! Lol

  • @DarrenWalker I understand what she said about not making sense and I dropped it until you came along to stir things up again. And you think it is not weird to dissect something but other people do, so you can’t puzzle out a right or wrong on this no matter how your poor little heart would like to. But I know you will continue to dissect ad nauseum so I am just going back to ignoring your posts.

  • @FunCartel: Yeah, I love you too.

  • I have never once had a cuddle buddy that didnt try very hard to get in my pants even after explaining the boundaries and looking back at my msgs from a year ago almost all of the men have been banned since then that I didnt meet up with. Heads up if I was looking to get laid it sure af wouldnt be with your pathetic self. I've had enough and I'm outa here

  • @Mandyspoon I am sorry to hear that. Maybe you could try a cuddle group where peer pressure and numbers dramatically increase the safety level? Just a thought.

  • Wow. A couple of cranky members and I was just getting used to the mental masturbation.

    My thoughts on cuddling.

    "It's not that complicated".

    I apologize for my brevity.

  • I went to another city last week and had a 3.5 hour cuddle with a professional I've visited before. The time went very quickly! She is such a lovely caring person, and totally genuine. Feeling a connection with someone I cuddle is important to me, so I appreciated her trust and vulnerability in sharing things about her life. My love languages include words as well as touch, so I felt "emotionally hugged" by some lovely things she said to me. And I loved that she received what I wanted to give to her too.

    Ordering lunch after we cuddled was a great way to end the day (though there was too much pasta to finish!).

    The sunset there was cool too:

  • I have cuddled so much this week ! A couple of new friends and a couple of old ones , so much cuddling I need time to myself to regroup !

  • Well, it showed me I really loved to cuddle... I won’t get into the whole story but I had a guy things didn’t work out with... I did get intimate but out of all I just loved the cuddles. It made me feel happier and less stressed each time we could have a nice cuddle. Now I would love to have a cuddle buddy if I could swing it, maybe someday!

  • I've had a mixed bag of cuddling experiences. My cuddle buddies have either developed into good friendships outside of cuddling or we already were good friends before we decided to start cuddling. Before developing any cuddle buddies I cuddled with a few pros. I'll admit that I have had two experiences that makes me apprehensive about cuddling strangers but for the most part it's been very good.

    1.) My very first cuddle buddy was a pro. We were cuddle buddies for a few weeks before I took a step back from the site all together after an upsetting experience with a different individual. I would melt whenever she would scratch my forearms and play with my hair. It was through her that I discovered I really liked that.

    2.) My second cuddle buddy was a good friend of mine and my dance instructor. I can't even remember how we got on the topic of cuddling but when we found out that it was something that we both enjoyed we went for it. We've only cuddled about three times as our schedules as of late have made it increasingly difficult for us to spend any time together but the few times we did cuddle were great. Like me, they don't likes staying in one position for too long

    3.) My third buddy has become a very good friend of mine. We ended up meeting on another site but our cuddling sessions coupled with our friendship outside of cuddling has deepened our friendship and cuddling sessions. Whenever we visit each other's home there's always some mix of movies, cuddling and frequent sleepovers. They have long, silky hair that I enjoy combing my fingers through and they are much smaller than I am (for comparison, think Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart) and are the perfect little spoon.

    4.) This is probably my best cuddling experience. I met them on here and we only cuddled once but holy oxytocion, Batman! There was lots of tight squeezy hugs, Eskimo kisses, face caresses, back scratches, arm scratches, pressing our cheeks together. On top of that this was the longest cuddle session I'd had up to this point. This was perhaps my most memorable cuddling experience. I had an amazing night of sleep after that. I never heard from them again but that was best cuddling session I've had.

    There are a few more experiences but those stand out to me the most.

  • I had my first cuddle today. I can't stop smiling and giggling to myself like a little kid. This feels terrific but I hope it wears off soon or people will start giving me strange looks 😁 Hugs to @StellaLiz for the patient and loving introduction. And thank you to everyone who contributes their thoughts and experiences here in the forums. You've helped open my mind to something wonderful.

  • @a8365 that is so dear, and the very same way I felt after my first cuddle. And now my second and third as well. Yay for you! <3

  • I recently met with a female enthusiast who (after a year and a half as a member and 4 months after first online contact) finally agreed to an in-person meeting. I picked her up at her house, we drove to a park to walk together (we held hands), then to get food to go, then to my place to eat, then out to go grocery shopping, then drop her off at home. No cuddling happened, as she says she needs time to be comfortable both with the idea and with me, but I have the feeling the big step of trust was established for future cuddling. 🤗

  • @calineur im sorry but it sounds like she’s used you as a chauffeur some of these responses to cuddling experiences are saddening no body’s perfect I get that I sure not but I think it’s messed up when people are using other people with that being said Here’s my experience I’ve cuddled a lot of people and have had some great times but one of my favorites was with Sean we meet at this Mexican/Chinese fusion restaurant in Phoenix and we had small talk and ate he seemed like a nice guy so when he invited me to cuddle I was like sure why not we cuddled and watched parks and recreation my first time watching its a funny show anyways we cuddled a few times after that And he was a perfect gentleman and smelled great he also had great music taste some good alternative rock but yeah it was always a good time cuddling but we fell out of touch life gets that way but it was a great experience 🙂

  • Does anyone go on this

  • I havent had any experiences yet. Still waiting on responses.

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