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What is virtual Cuddling? I’ve had FaceTime but I’ve never had a paid customer for virtual cuddling but someone’s asking so I wanna make sure I’m doing it right


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    This is a question that comes up a lot and there are lots of threads on virtual cuddling that have input from both pros and clients. You should scroll through both the pros-only forum and the professional cuddling forum. Here are a few:

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  • @CuddleDuncan, thank you for that link. I’ll add it to my list. I really feel like we need a virtual cuddling mega thread

  • Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t give anybody any feedback I didn’t know that my question went through I couldn’t find it. Then I was talking to green eyes so I was going to look again. Let me read through them when I have time thank you for answering that question

  • I have a question how does virtual cuddling work and how is the payment process handled because if you have one of those money apps they take a percentage of your money and they charge you for using their App just thought I would put this out there

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    @shadow1992 They may take a fee, but just like your Cuddle Comfort fee, you would deduct it as an expense on your taxes.

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    I generally use Skype or Google duo. I accept venmo, PayPal, zelle, or cashapp.

  • I’ve virtual cuddled a few times and it really depends on what the person needs.

    Usually it’s just talking (them) and listening (you).
    But I’ll always remember this one VC session where a gentlemen’s mom had just passed and he’d asked if I could read her favorite book out loud. He’d even offered to send me extra funds so I could go and purchase the book but luckily I’d already had it in my personal library. It was a very bittersweet session.
    He thanked me and then deleted his account. To this day I still think and worry about him.

    I’ve also had a session where we had a “watch party”. All of the streaming apps allow you to host a watch party and this woman and I watched a scary movie together because though both of us love scary movies, neither of us can sit through them alone. 😂 That was probably my funnest since we both happen to be talkers/ easily scared.

  • I’m interested in offering virtual chat sessions FT how can I do this ?

  • I had someone recently ask me for a virtual cuddle it was late at night after midnight j told him I honestly didn’t even know what that would mean and could we chat about it the next day after I reached out to other pros and inquired. He got a lil bit I of an attitude, said he was desperate for one now and when i said I’m sorry i can not help you just said never mind. I notice he had been deleted the next day.

    But I’m still confused on the whole virtual cuddle and what exactly it entails?

  • @sage91436 it involves explicitly replicating the emotions of a physical cuddle by means of a video call. This is acheived using voice and movement: there are numerous execises you can do. It can be astonishly effective.

    It is not to be confused with virtual companionship, where you might chat or share an activity.

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    virtual cuddles are so under rated I love the intimacy of them

  • Virtual cuddles don’t have to be video. It could just be a call with a cuddler too. Calls could be pretty cool - you literally can talk about anything. It can be an ice breaker for an in person meet up with that person too.

  • I agree with virtual cuddling can be a nice positive upbeat conversation or someone needs to chat and talk about anything

  • Hey there 😊 as @PrettyLuv mentioned virtual cuddles doesn’t have to be just video. I also enjoy taking calls over the phone or there are clients that like to vent via text. I recently listed this as a service on my profile and it’s been a hit. Happy cuddling.

  • Virtual cuddling is something I love to give as an option for nervous first clients hesitant to meet up. This is an excellent way to get to know someone, and can even be a bit more realistic if you live in a place that’s a bit too far for cuddle sessions to occur on a weekly basis.

    I hope that those who are hesitant to get into virtual cuddling are willing to do a bit of research to what exactly entails during each session— remember to always ask the Cuddler! They will usually be fine with helping you figure out your needs, and be happy to help cater to them!

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    I’ve successfully conducted dozens of virtual cuddles.

    Reported and reviewed. Removing part of comment promoting herself (that’s what the Pro Requests forum is for. [Charlie_Bear]

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    I have had mostly bad experiences with "virtual cuddling". The guys start talking sexual and wanting to touch themselves. I won't do them unless it is strictly talking about nonsexual things.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that @RadiantBecca
    That is just horrible

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